APEX 5.0 and KScope 14

A few weeks ago the Oracle APEX team released APEX 5.0 EA1 (Early Adopter). You can try the new version of APEX at ea.oracleapex.com.

I expect that the APEX team will release an EA2 and possible EA3 version before officially launching APEX 5.0 with the final release coming around June. Just to be clear, these are my personal estimates not any inside information.

Releasing APEX 5.0 in June would be perfect timing as it coincides with Kscope 14. The conference has a lot of talks specifically focused on APEX 5.0 from both the Oracle development team and some of the worlds leading experts on all things APEX. I think that this conference will be a great opportunity for people (both developers and managers) to learn about all the new features and get hands on experience with this latest version.

One of the unique aspects of Kscope is that you'll be able to easily talk to the Oracle APEX team, Oracle ACE and ACE Directors, and other experts in the community. These are the people that write the blogs, read the books, and do the webinars that you may have read/seen. You can sit down with them and get their advice on how to integrate 5.0 and leverage it to enhance your current applications and increase ROI.

I'll be giving a talk at Kscope 14 called "APEX 5.0 - New Features Highlights". It will cover some of the new aspects of APEX that will help both developers and the business. You can see all the Kscope 14 APEX abstracts here. If you're thinking of coming to the conference you should register soon as Early Bird rates end on March 25th.

Hope to see you at Kscope 14!