APEX and the Nest Thermostat

At ODTUG Kscope 15 last year I gave a presentation about APEX plugins. During the presentation I built a plugin from scratch to control my Nest Thermostat. Everything went well until I did a live demo connecting the APEX plugin with my home Nest. I forgot to enable a service and unfortunately the demo didn't work.

I recently gave a talk to the Vancouver Oracle User Group on APEX and the Future of Enterprise Development. During this presentation I pre-recorded a video of APEX controlling my home Nest to highlight that APEX can work with the Internet of Things (IoT).

There has been some interest to see this in action so I have included a copy of the video below. On the right is a Nest plugin that I wrote for APEX, the left is the Nest app on an Android tablet, and in the center is the actual Nest.