APEX Rules & Guidelines

APEX Rules & Guidelines

After several late nights of nerding I've finally submitted/completed my APEX application for the APEX Developer Competition 2009.

You can demo and download the application here: http://apex.oracle.com/pls/otn/f?p=46865 Note: Demo is no longer up and will not be supported.

This purpose of this application is to allow development teams to create an online Rules & Guidelines development document. The template for this application is based on Patrick Cimolini's (Cayman Islands Government) presentation at ODTUG.

The concept of the R&G template is:

Rule: Follow 100% of the time Guideline: Follow 90% of the time

Mandatory Headings:

Rule/Guideline: Active voice sentence. Why:Important for Team Buy-In

Optional Headings:

Result: Illustration of desired outcome How: How the result is achieved. Notes: State the non-obvious See Also: Point to related Rules and Guidelines

You can use this template for both APEX development and your PL/SQL standards. I've included the installation files in the demo application so feel free to install at your organization. If you are using it please post any comments/suggestions on this post and I'll try to write some updates.