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Aside from the obvious, it’s been disappointing for a lot of people in our community seeing all the canceled conferences. Conferences are a great time to learn and meet new people. I was recently talking about this to Adrian Png and Trent Schafer and we decided to create a one-day mini conference called APEX@Home. Since our initial discussion others have gotten involved (Joel Kallman, Shakeeb Rahman, Peter Raganitsch, and Niels de Bruijn) and it’s blown up into a full one day 24-hour conference - for FREE!

APEX@Home will be a bit different from normal webinars in the sense that everyone will be presenting from the comfort and safety of their homes (thus the name, APEX@Home). We can expect some interruptions from kids, pets, etc. and we’ll make the most of it.

Everything you need to know:

  • When: Thursday April 16th starting at 00:01am EDT going until 23:59pm EDT
  • Where: Subscribe at apex.oracle.com/officehours so you can receive reminders for this special event.
  • Format: Each talk will begin on the hour. They will be 45 mins followed by a moderated 10min Q&A then a 5 min break where the speakers will change.

The full schedule and links to talk can be found here. The schedule includes a link to add each talk that you want to attend to your calendar.

APEX@Home is for the community, by the community. Please help spread the word to your friends, colleagues, schools, clients, etc!

- Adrian, Martin, and Trent