APEXposed en Montreal - Sept 10/11

This fall ODTUG will be in Montreal for the 2nd annual APEXposed conference. Like last year, there's a star-studded lineup of speakers including Oracle's Director of Software Development, APEX's product manager, and Oracle ACE and ACE Directors. The one difference compared with last year is that we have some local speakers from Montreal and Toronto.

Some of the presentations that I'm looking forward to are:

  • Joel Kallman's (Oracle Director of Software Development) talk on APEX 5.0, giving us an inside look of what's coming up in the near future.
  • David Peake's (APEX Product Manager) talk on how to leverage some of the new features in 12c with APEX.
  • Roel Hartman's (Director at APEX Evangelists) presentation on building mobile applications in APEX.
  • Steve Feuerstein's (Dell) keynote. I just talked to him about it, should be great!

And, as shameless plug, I'll be giving two talks: "Instrumenting your PL/SQL and APEX Applications" and "APEX Development Best Practices". I'm really excited about the talk on code instrumentation as I'll be highlighted some of the new features that I've integrated into the 2.0.0 version of Logger and also share some of the new upcoming features.

If you're interested and yet haven't already registered for the conference you're in luck. It's still not to late to sign up for this 2 day (September 10th and 11th) conference. To register simply go to http://www.odtug.com/apexposed and sign up.

See you in Montreal!