ClariFit Dialog Plugin

Over a year ago I released the ClariFit Simple Modal plugin. Since it's inception it's been downloaded almost 5000 times and has been used in several production applications (that I know of).

Today I'm please to release an "updated" version of plugin called ClariFit Dialog plugin. Like the Simple Modal plugin, the Dialog plugin is a dynamic action and allows you to have a modal or dialog window. It also has a lot of new features (listed below). Going forward if you're going to use a modal/dialog window plug-in I recommend using the ClariFit Dialog plugin.

A demo is available on and it can be downloaded from

ClariFit Dialog Plugin Settings
List of features:

  • Uses the jQuery UI dialog code and leverages the jQuery UI theme currently incorporated in your APEX application.* Support for open/close directly in same plugin.
  • Option to have either a modal or dialog window.
  • Hide affected elements on page load. If set, this option will hide the region after the page is loaded. This removes the need to have separate region templates.
  • Chose visible state of the modal window after it's closed.