Console Wrapper 1.0.4 - Beta

Recently Dimitri Gielis sent me an email letting me know that there was a bug with Console Wrapper 1.0.3. He also include the following screen shot with the error:

In case you can't see it, the error is Object doesn't support property or method 'apply'. It turns out that the issue was caused by a change in IE9 and IE10 on how they handle the console object. The following article describes the issue in detail:

I've fixed Console Wrapper to handle the issues presented in IE9 and IE10. Before I officially release 1.0.4 on I'd like some people to beta test it. If you're interested in testing 1.0.4 you can download it here. If you find any issues please send me an email (my email address is in the comments section at the top).

Update: 6-Apr-2013: 1.0.4 has been officially released and is now available to download on the official project page.