Help Promote Logger

Here's a snippet from a Twitter conversation today between Steven Feuerstein and I around a user that created their own PL/SQL logging platform:

Shameless self-promotion, I know. But it feels so good....I really like to help people.
— Steven Feuerstein (@sfonplsql) May 15, 2015

@sfonplsql Any reason they’re not using Logger?
— Martin Giffy D'Souza (@martindsouza) May 15, 2015

@martindsouza You haven't done a good enough job promoting it? They don't trust outside code? I don't use it?
— Steven Feuerstein (@sfonplsql) May 15, 2015

Steven is absolutely correct when he says "You haven't done a good enough job promoting it" ("it" being Logger). Despite my best efforts, promoting Logger is something I've struggled with and need some help.

Based on past emails and conversations, I know they're a lot of developers and organizations using Logger. If you're using Logger, either personally or within your organization, I need your help. Please blog about it (and post the link in the comments section below), email me a quote that I can use (), Tweet about it (use #orcllogger), or mention it at the next conference you go to.

To those that help promote it, thank you in advance.

-- Martin