How to Find APEX Built-in Substitution Strings

APEX has a set of built-in substitution strings which allow developers to reference things such as the current application ID, page number, date format, etc. _For more information about how to reference substitution strings read {% postlink variables-in-apex %}.

Finding the list of built-in substitution strings can be a bit difficult for new users to APEX (thus this article). To get the complete list of built-in substitution strings:

  • Got to
    • Find your documentation for your version of APEX
  • View the Oracle Application Express App Builder User's Guide
  • Search Table of Contents for Using Built-in Substitution Strings

{% asset_img built-in-substituion-strings.png %}

You'll find a complete list along with description and usage examples. If you're new to APEX or didn't know about all the substitution strings I suggest scanning through it so you know which ones are available and what they contain.