It's up to You - Oracle and APEX Open Source Projects

At ODTUG Kscope 13 last week I got to moderate the APEX Lunch & Learn experts panel. One of the questions that came up was when a certain feature was going to be added to Peter Raganitsch's APEX Developer Addon.

This sparked a bit of conversation around open source projects in the Oracle and APEX communities. They're a few people who create and maintain these open source projects. Unfortunately they're not a lot of other people who contribute to these projects. Because of this, projects don't get upgraded and enhanced as quickly as they could.

It's up to all of us in the community to enhance open source projects. Next time you need a new feature added to a project, instead of asking for it, I encourage everyone to add it yourself then contact the developer with the changes so it can be implemented to the project.

On a personal note, I'm heavily involved with several open source projects. The two most popular ones are Logger and the ClariFit APEX Plugins. I just moved the ClariFit APEX Plugins to GitHub yesterday to make it easier for others to contribute to.