Kscope 17

I'll be attending and presenting at this year's ODTUG Kscope 17. Here are some things that I'm involved with and my personal highlights for the conference this year:

Conference Planning APEX App

We (Insum) created a conference planning application built in APEX: bit.ly/insum-kscope17. The goal was to showcase APEX and some cool features we added into the application. If time permits I may give a brief demo into how we created the app during Monday's [APEX Open Mic Night](APEX Open Mic Night ). I made a short video to highlight this application:

{% youtube DiV7Zt4LFSc %}

Note: This is an unofficial application. Official Kscope 17 mobile apps for Apple iOS and Google Android.


I'll be giving / participating in the following presentations:

Explore the APEX APIs

When: Jun 26, 2017, Monday Session 5 , 4:45 pm - 5:45 pm Room: Cibolo Canyon 5

Most developers new to APEX aren’t aware that APEX comes with a plethora of very powerful APIs for both PL/SQL and JavaScript. This presentation will highlight some of these APIs and explain how and when to use them to speed up and simplify developing your APEX applications. New 5.1 APIs will also be discussed.

Open Source PL/SQL Utility Tools for Oracle

Note: this is in the Database track rather than the APEX track. More about this below.

When: Jun 28, 2017, Wednesday Session 14 , 1:45 pm - 2:45 pm Room: Verbena/Periwinkle

OOS Utils is a free open-source PL/SQL tool set for common utility functionality that developers use. Its goal is to prevent developers from having to rewrite the same code over and over again.

This presentation will highlight some of the great features of OOS Utils and showcase some future plans for the project. All audience types (DBAs, PL/SQL and APEX developers, and development managers) are encouraged to attend, as all will see immediate benefits for themselves or their teams to use.

#LetsWreckThisTogether APEX Talks

This is a 2 hour session with many of the APEX gurus giving 10 minute lightning talks. My 10 min talk is called "Optimizing Laziness" and will be about how to develop more efficiently.

When: Jun 29, 2017, Deep-Dive Session, 9:00 am - 11:00 am Room: Grand Oaks G

Just in case you have not received enough inspiring content by the end of the week, the #LetsWreckThisTogether APEX Talks is back. At last year's Kscope, this exciting new format was a success.

Instead of long, in-depth "deep dives" on a single topic. The APEX track of the conference will close with Lightning Talks presented by some of the best and well-known speakers and personalities in the APEX world.

The exact lineup will be announced closer to the event.

Insum Vendor Presentation

When: Jun 27, 2017, Tuesday Vendor Presentation, 9:45 am - 10:45 am Room: Cibolo Canyon 5 Topic: Vendor Presentation - Subtopic: Vendor Presentation

We're doing something very different this year for our vendor presentation. Instead of a pre-canned talk we're letting you decide what we talk about. Think Choose Your Own Adventure but instead of stories we've got some great mini APEX presentations to chose from. You can vote right now for what you'd like to see in this presentation: bit.ly/insum-vote-kscope17! If you aren't going to be at Kscope 17 we still encourage you to vote as we may do webinars on some of the top topics. We also have a full blog post about this.

Other Kscope News

Monday Night Events

Monday night is all about communities at Kscope. APEX will have its annual Open Mic Night which is one of my favorite events at Kscope. If you have an APEX application you'd like to show off this is the place to do it!

The Database Community is changing things up and doing something similar to APEX with its own twist. It will be a combination of lightning talks and a variety show. I can't speak for the later but if you have some cool PL/SQL, SQL, etc that you'd like to show off in 5 minutes or less this is the place to do it! I may have a few demos up my sleeve that I may show if there's any room on the signup list.

More information about all the Monday night events can be found here.

APEX Speakers in the Database Track

This year we asked some of our top APEX speakers to give presentations in the Database track. The reason behind it is that APEX developers do a lot of PL/SQL and SQL and we're hoping that these presenters will encourage some of the APEX attendees to check out the Database presentations. Here are the APEX speakers giving talks in the Database track:

  • Open-Source PL/SQL Utility Tools for Oracle - Martin D’Souza
  • Six Reasons Why You Will Get Addicted to SQLcl Scripting - Sabine Heimsath
  • Oracle 12c for Developers - Alex Nuijten


Keep up to date on all the Kscope news by following the #kscope17 on Twitter.

Wrapping Up

For those going to Kscope 17 see you in a few weeks and be sure to say hi!

- Martin