Logger 2.1.0 - Documentation Overhaul

In preparation for the release of Logger 2.1.0 I've decided to write a few posts highlighting some of the new features.

As Logger expands, so does its documentation. We have reached a point that it was no longer feasible to continue with a one page documentation structure. Besides being hard to find a specific bit of information I also found that it was hard to get a quick overview of all the functions that Logger has.

The documentation for Logger has been completely revamped. It's broken up into two main sections: the initial readme file (found on the main project page) and a wiki. The readme file contains a brief overview of logger and links to the wiki. The wiki has been broken up into four sub sections: Installation, Logger API, Change Log, and Best Practices. This is a start to make Logger's documentation similar to Oracle's documentation format which should make things consistent for developers.

If you've already used Logger for a while, take a look at the Logger API page. I think you'll find some functions that you didn't know existed.

The wiki documents are stored in a separate repository on GitHub. This means that they aren't synced with a release is tagged. To get around this issue, each build now contains a folder called "wiki". In it, you will find all the wiki files (in markdown format) generated at the time of the build.

On a side note, the documentation restructuring took a lot of time. I didn't have enough time to document all the functions and they will all be updated in the near future once I have more time. Of course you're encouraged to fork the project and update the documentation if you want to help out.