My Early Departure From Kscope 14

Unfortunately I had to cut my Kscope 14 trip short. I had hit my head pretty hard right before leaving for Kscope and it turns out I gave myself a "mild" concussion. I'm not sure why they call it mild since it really threw me off.

If you've ever had a concussion before then you'll know what I'm going through. The only way to recover is to rest in a quite location for as long as it takes. I had hoped for a speedy recovery but that just isn't going to be the case for me.

I want to thank everyone for coming to Kscope 14 and I hope you enjoy your time at the conference. For those looking to attend my presentations, I sincerely apologize for cancelling at the last minute. I will try to do a webinar on Logger when I'm feeling better and time permits.

See everyone at Kscope 15!

-- Martin

Thanks to all those that have sent me messages. I need to keep my screen time to a minimal and will reply later on.