ODTUG APEX Plug-In Competition

A while ago Tobias Arnhold posted a tweet suggesting that we should have an APEX Plugins competition. After a few months, many emails, a lot of effort by an excellent group of people, and the support from ODTUG, I'm pleased to announce the first ever world wide APEX Plug-ins competition! Here's a short blurb from the official announcement on odtug.com:

ODTUG is holding its first ever world wide APEX Plug-ins competition! This is your opportunity to write an APEX plug-in and have it viewed by the entire international APEX community and maybe crowned 2012 ODTUG APEX Plug-in Developer of the Year! Even better, there are some really great prizes with the grand prize being a free pass to Kscope13 or a Jawbone Jambox!

This is your opportunity to showcase your Oracle APEX Plugin skills and win some really cool prizes. We also made a special Experts category to ensure everyone is on a level playing field.

I hope this encourages everyone to try to submit a plugin and help expand the list of already fantastic plugins.

Good luck!

_Update: Here's the original tweet from Tobias_!