ODTUG Kscope 12: Things To Look Out For

With Kscope 12 around the corner (literally) I thought I'd post somethings that I'm really looking forward to at the conference.

Cary Millsap's Keynote at the General Session: I've heard a lot of great things about Cary's talk. Everyone that has seen it has only had rave reviews about it so I'm really excited to see it myself. Besides Cary's talk there will be a lot of other funny and exciting things from ODTUG at the general session.

Red Gate's booth: Red Gate will be doing something I've never seen before at a conference. They'll be having a Rapid Development Lab to develop a new Database Version Control system. I strongly encourage you to check it out and bring some ideas on how to manage changes coming in from multiple developers and how a tool could help with it.

Open Mic Night: Immediately following the general session on Monday there will be the annual APEX Open mic night where anyone can demo anything with APEX. Only rule is no powerpoints and a fixed time limit. I'm always amazed at all the neat things that people are doing in their organization.

Lots of APEX presentations: Obviously I'm biased on this topic, but I think there will be a lot of great presentations on the newly announced 4.2 EA 1 and mobile applications. I'm giving two talks this year that I'm really excited about: 

  • APEX 4 + HTML 5 = Awesome II: Mon  11:30 @ Cibolo Canyon 5 - This talk is a sequel to last year's award winning talk on HTML 5. I have some very cool new features to showcase.
  • Building a Better Team: Mon  11:30 @ Cibolo Canyon 5 - This talk will cover how to help improve your development team. Though it's not APEX specific it'll cover some very key points.
  • In both of my presentations I'll be giving copies of my APEX books away! I look forward to seeing everyone over the next week and seeing a lot of APEX presentations.