ODTUG Oracle Blogs - Now on Twitter

A while ago, ODTUG put a heavy emphasis on communities. As a result, 6 main communities were created: APEX, BI, EPM, Development, DBA, and ADF. Each of these communities have their own site dedicated to them along with a blog aggregator (click on each of their titles for the appropriate page).

The blogs contain an amazing amount of content from the entire Oracle community. The authors include Oracle ACE (Associates, ACEs, and Directors), Oracle employees, speakers from all the major conferences (including Kscope), book authors, etc.

Up until last week the only ways to take advantage of the blog aggregator were to go to the appropriate ODTUG community site or subscribe to the respective RSS feed. Starting today you can subscribe to the following Twitter accounts to get a message in your feed each time a new article is posted for your community.

Each tweet will also contain the community's appropriate hashtag. ODTUG has the complete hashtag listing here: http://www.odtug.com/hashtag If you're new to Twitter, following your appropriate hashtag can be a quick way to find some excellent and helpful content.

Some tweets will contain the author's Twitter handle (via a @mention). We're currently in the process of updating all the twitter handles for the authors in each community. If you write an article and don't see your Twitter handle show up, just reply to the appropriate Twitter account and we'll fix it.

As always, if you want to add your blog to the list, please email lauren@odtug.com.

Thanks to Adrian Png and Patrick Wolf for their ideas and patience getting this setup!