Oracle Open World 17

I'll be attending Oracle Open World 17 (OOW 17) next week. This year is going to be special for me as I'll be giving a presentation at Oak Table World for the first time. I'm a bit nervous as I'll be presenting alongside some of the biggest names in the Oracle DB community. Specifically I'm talking between lightening talks from Oak Table members and Cary Millsap!

My Presentations

Here are the presentations I'll be giving at OOW 17:

Explore Oracle Application Express APIs

Date: Sunday, Oct 01, 3:45 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Location: Marriott Marquis (Yerba Buena Level) - Salon 4-6 Session Code: SUN6244

Abstract: Most developers new to Oracle Application Express aren't aware that it comes with a plethora of very powerful APIs for both PL/SQL and JavaScript. This session highlights some of these APIs and explains how and when to use them to speed up and simplify developing your Oracle Application Express applications. New Oracle Application Express 5.1 APIs are also discussed.

Note: This presentation was voted the best presentation at ODTUG Kscope 17

Open Source PL/SQL Utility Tools for Oracle

Date: Tuesday, Oct 03, 12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. Location: Children's Creativity Museum (221 4th St - corner of 4th ST and Howard).

Abstract: OOS Utils is a free open-source PL/SQL tool set for common utility functionality that developers use. Its goal is to prevent developers from having to rewrite the same code over and over again.

This presentation will highlight some of the great features of OOS Utils and showcase some future plans for the project. All audience types (DBAs, PL/SQL and APEX developers, and development managers) are encouraged to attend, as all will see immediate benefits for themselves or their teams to use.

Other Notes:

  • As usual we'll be having our annual ODTUG APEX Meetup on Tuesday (Oct 3rd) night at Johnny Foley's. There's a slight twist to the event. Since this has been a huge hit we've opened it up and made it an ODTUG All Community event! This means that the entire ODTUG community at OOW will be in one place and no need to run around to all the different events. You can register (free) for the event on If you've never been to this event before here are few tips:
    • We're downstairs (Johnny Foley's has two levels) where all the action is at for the dueling pianos.
    • We don't have any special reservations.
    • The earlier you show up the better as there's always a lineup to get in as the night goes on.
  • If this is your first time going to OOW then I highly recommend reading the OpenWorld Survival Guide that Monty Latiolais recently wrote.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there! If you want to get in touch you can send me a DM on Twitter: @martindsouza