APEX Interactive Reports - Customize Wait Display Part 1

We recently needed to change, and move, the default Interactive Report (IR) AJAX "Loading" image (spinning wheel): After some investigation they're several things you can do depending on your requirements. A demo application is available here.

Part 2 is here: http://apex-smb.blogspot.com/2009/04/apex-interactive-reports-customize-wait_28.html

Before we go over the solution it's important to review where the image is located and how it gets toggled on and off. The image is stored in a span region which is hidden by default. The code looks like this:


If you want to manually make it visible you can run the following code:


The JS code to toggle the image is stored in: apex_ns_3_1.js. You can view an uncompressed version of this file in your installation directory: apex_3.1.2\apex\images\javascript\uncompressed\apex_ns_3_1.js To toggle the image, APEX calls the following JS function: apex.worksheet.ws._BusyGraphic (We won't be using this function in this post but I'll do another posting on how we can use it for a completely customizable solution)

First Let's build a IR page with the emp table:

select *
from emp
connect by level 

The easiest option is if all you need to do is change the image:

  $('#apexir_LOADER img')[0].src="#IMAGE_PREFIX#processing3.gif";

The new image, processing3.gif, is part of APEX as well. You can reference your own images if you'd like.

In Part 2 I'll go over changing the actual function that shows and hides the loading image. This will give you complete control of the loading message.