How to Setup Multiple APEX Environments using Docker and Oracle 12c

I've written a few posts on how to Dockerize your Oracle and APEX setup ({% post_link how-to-setup-oracle-db-12-2-docker-container post 1 %}, {% post_link docker-oracle-and-apex post 2 %}). I'm constantly refining the process as I learn new things and different Docker images become available.

I was writing a third post on setting up multiple APEX environments using Docker and Oracle 12c. The post was getting long and included many steps. I decided to move the instructions to Github as it solves two problems:

  • I can easily keep it up to date with the latest steps I do to create my Docker containers
  • Others can contribute to the instructions (and/or include scripts) by making pull requests (PR)

To view my latest Docker setup you can view my docker-oracle-setup page on Github. If you have any corrections, suggestions, or enhancements please create issues or submit a PR on the repository.