Introducing OraOpenSource

As some of you know, I have been out since last June recovering from a concussion. It has been a very long and lengthy process that has really pushed my limits. The good news is that I'm getting better and have been able to increase my computer time.

Which leads to the topic of this post,OraOpenSource. One of the things that has been very difficult for me to do is use a computer so as part of my recovery/rehab I had to find a small project to work on. The goal was to help me get used to longer screen times and also get back into coding, reading smaller fonts, etc. Thus I decided to start a major push towards open source development for Oracle.

What is OraOpenSource? As the name suggest, it's a site dedicated to open source software for Oracle. They're currently two active projects listed on the site, with more to come. The first major project (which was announced via Twitter last week) is called Oracle XE & APEX VM. It is a build script to quickly build an entire instance. I think it will be very useful for developers who want to quickly build a machine on the cloud and for new people to Oracle.

So what can you do to help out? First, check out the new site oraopensource.comYou can also follow us on Twitter:@oraopensourceWe also have a Github site where all of the projects will be kept: Check it out and help out on any of the projects that interest you.

We'll be launching more products and projects this year so be sure to keep an eye out on Twitter and read theblog!

-- Martin

On a personal side note regarding my continuing recovery, I'm still not 100% yet and it will take some more time to get there. I'm starting to get back onto Twitter etc. I don't have an ETA for full recovery as each brain injury is different and the recover period widely varies for each person. I appreciate all the support I've been getting from everyone!