If you follow me on twitter (@martindsouza) or the #orclapex hashtag you'll have noticed that I've been posting some new links to quickly get to APEX resources.

Last week I got a notice (don't know how I was on that list) that the domain was free to purchase. Being the enthusiast that I am I couldn't resist buying it. I also bought it so that it wouldn't be hijacked or domain parked for malicious purposes.

To make things easier for the whole community I'm using the domain as a redirect for APEX which will hopefully help new and existing users to quickly access the reference material they need for APEX development.

Update (16-Mar-2014): The official/updated list can now be found on See for information about this change.

Here are all the URLs and where they point to:

Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions so far and if you have any other links you'd like to see leave a comment or send me a tweet!

note: I'll keep this page up to date with the latest urls. Eventually I'll host the official list on